Friday, March 28, 2008

EPL - Shortest Players since 1992

[update] Euro 2008 Shortest Players

These are the shortest players (165 cm [5ft5] or less) to have played in the English Premier League since the competition was formed in 1992. A few of these players have played for more than one club, but I've only listed the club they've played the most matches for.

I thought for sure that Shaun Wright-Phillips would make this list, but he squeaked by at 166cm. Currently, Aaron Lennon is the only player that is listed at 5ft5 or shorter seeing first team action in the Premiership.

Note: There were a few other fringe players that would have made the list, but I chose to only include players with at least 10 Premier League appearances.

PlayerClubHeight (cm) Years in Premiership
Jose Dominguez Tottenham1601997-2000
Alan Wright Aston Villa1631992-2006
Andres D'Allesandro Portsmouth1632006
Ruel Fox Tottenham1651994-2002
Juninho Paulista Middlesbrough1652002-2004
Jody Morris Chelsea1651995-2003
Clint Marcelle Barnsley1651997-1998
Lee Todd Southampton1651997-1998
Jon Stevenson Leicester1652001-2002
Aaron Lennon Tottenham1652003-Present

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