Thursday, March 20, 2008

Canadian Soccer Players in Europe - Interactive Map

With tonight being the big USA-Canada semifinal matchup in Olympic qualifying, I thought it would be fun to get a better look at the Canadian players that are currently playing in Europe.

It was a bit harder to pull this one off because I had a hard time finding a central list of players to pull from. Eventually, I found a good list at Off The Pitch in their message forum. Thanks Joe!

Just like in the Americans Abroad map from a couple of days ago, I've only included players in the top two divisions in their respective countries with the exception of England, where I've included League One players as well. I've also included a few youth players on this map.

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Click the Icons and the Club and Player Names will Appear:
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  1. Looking at this map vs. the USA abroad map it appears more Canadians in Europe then Americans? Or at least close. That seemed odd to me.

  2. If you count only senior team and reserve players, there are 57 that I counted from USA, and 49 from Canada.

    However, the Canadian list that I used also had 15 youth players that I included in the map, so overall there are more icons on the Canadian map.

  3. What about hoilett (QPR) or deGuzman (Swansea)? There are others too....