Saturday, March 1, 2008

Argentina - Players Playing Abroad

Between the earlier Brazilians Abroad post and the recent influx of Argentine players to MLS, I was curious to find out how many are currently plying their trade in leagues outside of South America. Here's the list:

41 - Mexico Primera DivisiĆ³n
39 - Spain La Liga
24 - Italy Serie A
15 - MLS
11 - France Ligue 1
10 - Portugal Liga
7 - EPL
7 - German Bundesliga
3 - Dutch Eredivisie

Although there are quite a few Argentines playing abroad, I was expecting more, especially in Europe. The clubs that do have them, tend to have them in bunches. Here are some of the top clubs with Argentinians on their squad lists:

7 - Inter Milan
6 - RCD Mallorca
5 - FC Porto
5 - Veracruz
4 - Real Madrid
4 - Real Salt Lake
4 - FC Girondins de Bordeaux

There are quite a few other clubs who have 3 and 4 Argentines on the squad list, mostly in Mexico and Spain. I found it interesting that there are more players from Argentina on Real Salt Lake than in the entire Dutch Eredivisie.

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