Wednesday, March 26, 2008

MLS Stadiums Interactive Map

This map shows the past, present, and future stadium sites for the current and incoming MLS teams, as well as the now defunct Miami and Tampa Bay franchises. I've also included the average attendance figures and the years the teams played in each stadium.

Zoom in to see the seperate markers in the individual cities and the actual aerial photos of the stadiums and sites. Click on the markers for information about each site.

Just like the other google maps I've posted here, there are more navigation options if you click on view larger map.

Red = Current Stadiums
Blue = Future/Proposed Stadiums and Sites
Green = Past Stadiums

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  1. Love the blog. Your site marker for RSL's new stadium is a bit off. That is a condo development by the TRAX(lite rail) station. The actual site is north and west by a little ways. On your map it is a big brown field on the west side of State Street.
    Not sure how dead on you want but address is about 9300 south State Street, Sandy UT

  2. I was hoping someone would help me out with that one, I wasn't sure on the RSL stadium or the San Jose proposed site. Thanks!

  3. Now your a bit too far North on the RSL Stadium. If you go to Google Maps and do a search for Jordan Commons sandy, ut it should locate you right accross the street. Just to the north west of the 9400 S and State St. you will see a brown field with a parking lot to the north of it. The brown is the stadium site. That parking lot and building is the construction office. (used to be an RV dealership)
    Hope that helps and that I am not being too annoying.

  4. I think I've got it now :). I only had a quick minute to edit before and slapped the marker on the first big brown field I saw by State Street.

    No worries, your help is appreciated.
    (Am I right now?)

  5. Spot on. I can't wait for an updated sat image to show the stadium in place.

  6. You are mistaken. Let's discuss it.