Friday, November 19, 2010

Qatar National Team - Naturalized Players

A map and list of the many naturalized players called up to Qatar's National team in the last couple of years.

Qatar is the country that offered Brazilian player Aílton, who was the top scorer in the Bundesliga at the time, a sum of $1,000,000+ to become a naturalized Qatari so he could help their push towards the 2006 World Cup. That didn't work out (FIFA blocked the move), but as can be seen from this list, Qatar has been very open to naturalizing players from other countries to improve their national team.

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Marcio Emerson
Fábio César

George Kwasi

Daniel Gouma

Ali Mejbel

Talal Al-Bloushi
Wesam Rizik

Mohamed Saqr
Majdi Siddiq
Saad Al Shammari

Qasem Burhan
Abdulla Koni

Sebastián Soria

Mesaad Al-Hamad


  1. Do you think Fifa made a mistake by allowing players to change National Teams in a one time switch?

  2. how many scots do qatar have around the world.that look for players

  3. Boycot Qatar 2022

  4. The problem is that after leaving the National they stop being Qataries! This is the biggest hypocrisy!

  5. It's not a problem naturalizing a player as long as they are mixing with the local Qatari players to play for the first eleven. But still there is a problem also with those Qatari players they selected for national. I observed that some of them are not disciplined using their status for personal reasons.

  6. There were reasons why Qatar decided to naturalize their players. I have observed that some of those selected local players were not disciplined using their status for personal reasons. Why not investigate these local players abusing their rights and benefits given by the governing body of Qatar?

  7. Don't forget "Jeddo" who scored a goal against kuwait in Asian cup . He is SUDANESE i went to school with him !!!

  8. You're right with this comment, it's not only an observation but based on a true experience some of these local players were using football for personal interest abusing their status and abusing the weaknesses of some innocent souls. I have a high respect with the governing bodies or the committees responsible in nurturing your athletes to be at their best. And it's really commendable if your athletes were not only well and properly trained but with "good behaviours" inside and outside the field afterall discipline is not only in the field but in relation to their personal manners. Why not start with some clubs like Lekhwiya?