Wednesday, November 17, 2010

If They Mated: American Soccer Names and UK Cities

It's been a while since I've posted a 'fun' topic so when I had this idea that nobody seemed to care about on twitter last night I naturally thought I should expand on it here.

The Kansas City Wizards changing their name to Sporting KC is just the most recent example of American soccer teams mysteriously trying to sound more 'legitimate' with Euro-style names. In this post I flipped that idea around and have combined real American-style team names from MLS, NASL, USL, etc. with cities in the United Kingdom. Oh, and you may notice that I find alliterative team names amusing...

Aberdeen Apollos
Belfast Boomers
Birmingham Burn
Burnley Burn*
Bolton Battery
Brighton Rhinos
Bristol Blizzard
Cambridge Kickers
Cardiff Cougars
Charlton Battery*
Colchester Clash
Coventry Cosmos
Crewe Crew
Derby Dynamo
Dundee Darts
Edinburgh Earthquakes
Exeter Express
Glasgow Galaxy
Huddersfield Hurricane
Inverness Invaders*
Ipswich Impact -or- Ipswich Wiz*
Kilmarnock Manic
Leeds Lynx
Leicester Lancers
Liverpool Dips
Manchester Mutiny
Middlesbrough Metrostars
Newcastle Kicks
Nottingham Timbers
Oxford Olympique
Portsmouth Thunder
Reading Revolution
Sheffield Fusion
Southend-on-Sea Whitecaps
Stockport Strikers
Stoke Fire -or- Stoke Stokers
Sunderland Sounders
Swansea Silverbacks
Watford Wizards
Yeovil Union*

Well, that was actually pretty fun...(for me at least)
Feel free to join in if you think of more Ameri-Kingdom combos

*Thanks to Jeremy for his contributions to the list


  1. Yeovil Town Union
    Rochdale Rhions
    Charlton Battery
    Inverness Invaders
    Southend-on-Sea Sounders

  2. Check out the Unprofessional Foul-started #futuremlsfranchise hashtag on twitter. been blowing up.

  3. Blackburn Burn
    Burnley Burn
    Ispwich Wiz
    Hull Sol
    Queens Park Clash (in honor of Mick Jones)

  4. @anonymous
    I saw that hashtag last night, had to laugh at the creativity of a few of those 'future franchises'


    Very nice, I put some of my favorites from your comments in the main list. Thanks for contributing!

  5. tottenham timbers is nice
    fulham fire
    wigan whitecaps

  6. I think that Blackburn Burn would be gold! I would totally buy their scarves!

  7. "Crewe Crew" - lols =]

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