Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Supporter Videos: Chinese Super League

Supporter Videos from a few teams in the Chinese Super League

Beijing Guoan

Changchun Yatai

Shanghai Shenhua

Shandong Luneng

Dalian Shide


  1. The last one is pretty funny. Also, how do you come up with all of these random topics?

  2. Everything is better with Cheesy background music...

    I basically just post whatever topic comes to mind without thinking about it too much and try to keep it fairly random. It's funny, some of the most popular posts at TB11 have been topics that I thought very few people would be interested in when I posted them.

    Also, I'm also always open to suggestions for random topics from readers.

  3. How about teams in other leagues named after Premier League teams? I know of a team named after Liverpool and a team named after Wolves in the Uruguayan Primera División.

  4. I feel like a did a similar post to your suggestion a couple of years ago. Maybe not, I'll look for it and if I didn't I'll put your idea in the future ideas pile.

    Thanks Jeff

  5. If you did and you find it would you please link it in the comments here? I'm interested in seeing it.