Tuesday, February 19, 2008

2008 - Brazilians Playing Abroad

This is a current list of the number of Brazilians on first team squads in top-level leagues overseas.

144 - Portuguese Liga
42 - Japan J-League
40 - Italian Serie A
37 - France Ligue 1
30 - German Bundesliga
28 - Spanish La Liga
22 - Korea K-League
18 - Ukrainian Premier League
15 - Dutch Eredivisie
14 - EPL
14 - Russian Premier League
12 - Qatari League

Interestingly, every team in the Japanese J-League has at least one Brazilian. Portugal has the most Brazilians for obvious reasons, but I still found it amazing that C.S. Maritimo has 16 Brazilians on their current squad. The Swedish Allsvenskan, A-League, MLS, and Danish Superliga were close to making the list.


  1. There are lots of Brazilians in Turkish Super League too. I don't know the total number of them but let me search and write it down here.

  2. Well, it's about 34-36. I couldn't find the clear number. There are different numbers on different sources. But according to a more trustful website, 34 Brazilians there are.

  3. Thanks Scapula,

    I appreciate your input, although, this particular post is nearly a year old. I've since done a comprehensive post of all the Brazilians in Europe if you're interested. Thanks for reading!


  4. Hi TheBestEleven,

    I've recently discovered your blog and started reading all the posts from the begining. That's why i didn't see the newer post.

    Thanks and congrats for preparing this site!