Sunday, February 24, 2008

English League Cup Winners from Outside The "Big Four" - Since 1988

With today being the English League Cup final between Tottenham and Chelsea, I've put together a list of winners of the past 20 years that are not from the 'Big Four'.

2004 Middlesbrough
2002 Blackburn Rovers
2000 Leicester City
1999 Tottenham
1997 Leicester City
1996 Aston Villa
1994 Aston Villa
1991 Sheffield Wednesday
1990 Nottingham Forest
1989 Nottingham Forest
1988 Luton Town

The totals in the last 20 years actually favor the clubs outside of the Big Four, with the 'outside clubs' winning 11 times and the big clubs 9 times. I think Tottenham have more to play for in todays final and Juande Ramos has proven to be a cup-winning manager over the past few seasons. I predict 2-1 to Tottenham.

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