Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Copa Libertadores - Winners From Outside Brazil and Argentina

These are the clubs from outside of Brazil and Argentina that have won the Copa Libertadores since the tournament was founded in 1960.

2004 Once Caldas Colombia
2002 Olimpia Paraguay
1991 Colo-Colo Chile
1990 Olimpia Paraguay
1989 Atletico Nacional Colombia
1988 Nacional Uruguay
1987 Peñarol Uruguay
1982 Peñarol Uruguay
1980 Nacional Uruguay
1979 Olimpia Paraguay
1971 Nacional Uruguay
1966 Peñarol Uruguay
1961 Peñarol Uruguay
1960 Peñarol Uruguay

Uruguay 8 times
Paraguay 3 times
Colombia 2 times
Chile 1 time

Clubs from Uruguay did quite well in the first 30 years of the competition, but have hit a drought in the last 20 years. Will the recent inclusion of Mexican and possibly, maybe, eventually, hopefully, MLS teams, make it more difficult for the Brazil/Argentina dominance to continue? Maybe in a few years we'll see the Columbus Crew crushing São Paulo. (Sorry, I'm just amusing myself.)

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