Thursday, February 19, 2009

World Record Goalkeeper Shutout Streaks

Here are the top 10 best GK shutout streaks ever, according to the IFFHS website. Manchester United's Edwin Van der Sar has moved up to 6th all time after yesterday's shutout of Fulham. If VDS is to overtake the all-time world record, he'll have to shutout Blackburn (H), Newcastle (A), Liverpool (H), Fulham (A), Aston Villa (H), Sunderland (A).

However, Mazaropi's streak is somewhat questionable as he had the 1,816 minute clean sheet streak in Brazil's regional league, not the Campeonato A. Some consider Thabet El-Batal the true record holder, of which VDS could overtake with shutouts in Manchester United's next two games.

Minutes - Player - Club - Country - Dates

1,816 - Mazaropi (Vasco da Gama, Brazil) -- 5/77-9/78
1,442 - Thabet El-Batal (National SC Cairo, Egypt) -- 4/75-12/76
1,390 - Dany Verlinden (Club Brugge KV, Belgium) -- 3/90-9/90
1,352 - José María Buljubasich (CD Universidad Catolica Santiago, Argentina) 6/05-10/05
1,325 - Thabet El-Batal (National, Egypt) 3/78-2/79
1,302 - Edwin Van der Sar (Manchester United, England) 11/08-Current
1,288 - Essam El-Hadari (National, Egypt) 2/06-8/06
1,275 - Abel Resino (Atlético Madrid, Spain) 11/90-3/91
1,266 - Gaëtan Huard (Bordeaux, France) 12/92-4/93
1,242 - Zetti (Palmeiras, Brazil) 4/87-5/87

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