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Jozy Altidore: Xerez CD Profile

Pic from Official Xerez Website

Club Director Rondan says....
”ha sido difícil y complicado, hemos tratado de convencer al entrenador y al propio jugador de que el Xerez es una buena opción. Estamos satisfechos de que Altidore milite en el Xerez y nos ayude a conseguir nuestros objetivos”

Google Translation..
"it has been difficult and complicated, we have tried to convince the coach and the player himself that Xerez is a good option. We are pleased that Altidore Milite Xerez in and help us to achieve our objectives "

Jozy says....
"it is a good option for me because I will have more options to add minutes on the field that will serve me to adapt in this country, so I hope to keep growing in my career "

08/09 Xerez Players listed at forward
Antoñito - age 31; 5ft10in (10 goals in 19 games)
Antonio Calle - age 30; 6ft1in (2 goals in 17 games)
Mario Bermejo - age 30; 5ft10in (4 goals in 16 games)
Míchel - age 31; 6ft3in (0 goals)
Jozy Altidore - age 19; 6ft1in

I don't really know anything from personal experience about the club, but, from what I've read in forums, Jeronimo Cabrera Momo, who plays as a winger, is likely the top player currently at the club. He's notched 10 goals and 2 assists so far this season. I believe they play a two forward system. One, Antoñito, is a player who made 90 appearances for La Liga's Sevilla. He was Xerez's second leading scorer last year and is leading the forward line this season.

The other main forward options, Calle and Bermejo are each veterans who've spent most of their careers in the Segunda Division.

Do any fans of the club have an opinion on where Jozy will slot in with the team? I don't know the injury situation, but will Jozy play ahead of these veterans with La Liga experience?

Spain Segunda Division Finishing Positions
02-03 - 6th place
03-04 - 9th place
04-05 - 8th place
05-06 - 7th place
06-07 - 8th place
07-08 - 15th place
08-09 - currently 1st

Former Xerez Players with US/Canada Connections
Walter Otta - played with Calgary Mustangs in 2004
Gino Padula - part of Columbus Crew's championship team in 2008

I'm no expert in the Spanish language, but I believe Xerez is pronounced "Sherez"

Xerez currently leads the Segunda Division in goals scored with 39 in 22 games played.

Xerez is located in Jerez, Andalucia in the South of Spain. It is adjacent to Cadiz and about 50 miles south of Sevilla.

An interesting story of Shang Yi, a Chinese International player who had a "personal sponsor" that payed Xerez to let him play. (link)

When I started this post, I hoped to find out more, but fell short due to my lack of Spanish skills and a lack of time. If anybody would like to add more info (formations? injuries? etc.) on the club, please do. Enquiring minds want to know....

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