Friday, November 14, 2008

Career Domestic Brazilians on World Cup Rosters

I was curious to know how many players on the last 10 Brazilian World Cup rosters have never played for a club outside of Brazil in their careers (before or after their WC selection). In recent times the answer is not many. Back in the Pele days there were quite a few more career Brazilian League players. Perhaps not surprisingly, there are 9 different Goalkeepers on the list, and in the last 6 World Cup rosters, 5 of the 7 career domestic players were in the GK position.

2006 World Cup
GK - Rogério Ceni - Sinop, São Paulo

2002 World Cup
GK - Marcos - Palmeiras

1998 World Cup
DF - Zé Carlos - São José, Nacional, São Caetano, Portuguesa, União São João, São Paulo, Juventude, Matonense, Ponte Preta, Grêmio, Joinville, Portuguesa

1994 World Cup
GK - Zetti - Toledo, Palmeiras, Londrina, Guarani, Palmeiras, São Paulo, Santos, Fluminense, Barbarense, Sport Recife

1990 World Cup

1986 World Cup
DF - Édson - Ponte Preta, Corinthians, Palmeiras, Guarani, Noroeste, Paysandu, Remo Para, Botafogo, São José do Rio Pardo

GK - Paulo Vitor - CEUB, Operario de Varzea Grand, Brasilia, Vila Nova-GO, Vitoria-ES, Fluminens, America-RJ, Coritibia, Sport Recife, Sao Jose, Gremio de Maringa, Remo Para, Paysandu, Volta Redonda

GK - Leão - Comercial-Ribeirao Preto, Palmeiras, Vasco da Gama, Gremio, Corinthians, Palmeiras, Sport Recife

1982 World Cup
GK - Valdir Peres - Garca, Associacao Atletica Ponte Preta, Sao Paulo, America, Guarani, Corinthian, Portuguesa de Desportos, AA Ponte Preta, Santa Cruz FC

DF - Leandro - Flamengo

MF - Paulo Isidoro - Atletico Mineiro, Gremio, Santos, Gurani, XV de Jau, Cruzeiro, Atletica Internacional (Limeira), Valeriodoce Esporte Clube

GK - Paulo Sérgio - Fluminense, CSA, Volta Redonda, Americano, Botafogo, Goias, Vasco da Gama, America-RJ

1978 World Cup
MF - Polozzi - Ponte Preta, Palmeiras, Botafogo, Bangu, Operario, Bandeirante

FW - Jorge Mendonça - Bangu, Nautico, Palmeiras, Vasco da Gama, Guarani, Ponte Preta, Cruzeiro, Rio Branco-ES, Colorado-PR, Paulista

MF - Chicão - XV de Piracicaba, Uniao Barbarense, Sao Bento, Ponte Preta, Sao Paulo, Atletico Mineiro, Santos, Londrina, Corinthians Presidente Prudente, Botafogo, Mogi Mirim, Goias, Lemense

1974 World Cup
GK - Leão - Comercial-Ribeirao Preto, Palmeiras, Vasco da Gama, Gremio, Corinthians, Sport Recife

DF - Zé Maria - Portuguesa, Corinthians, Internacional de Limeira

DF - Piazza - Renasença, Cruzeiro

FW - César Maluco - Flamengo, Palmeiras, Corinthians, Santos, Fluminense

DF - Marco Antônio - Portuguesa, Fluminense, Vasco da Gama, Bangu, Botafogo

MF - Carpegiani - Internacional, Flamengo

MF - Ademir da Guia - Palmeiras

GK - Valdir Peres - Garca, Ponte Preta, Sao Paulo, America, Guarani, Corinthians, Portuguesa, Santa Cruz

1970 World Cup
GK - Félix Miéli Venerando - Juventus (BR), Portuguesa, Nacional, Fluminense

MF - Gérson - Flamengo, Botafogo, Sao Paulo, Fluminense

MF - Tostão - America, Cruzeiro, Vasco da Gama

GK - Ado - Londrina, Corinthians, America, At-Mineiro, Portuguesa, Velo Clube, Fortaleza, Ferroviario, Bragantino

FW - Roberto - Botafogo, Flamengo, Corinthians, America

DF - Baldocchi - Batatais, Botafogo, Palmeiras, Corinthians, Fortaleza

DF - José de Anchieta Fontana - Vitoria, Rio Branco, Vasco da Gama, Cruzeiro

DF - Everaldo - Juventude, Gremio

FW - Dario - Campo Grande, Atletico-MG, Flamengo, Sport, Internacional, Ponte Preta

DF - Zé Maria - Portuguesa, Corinthians, Internacional de Limeira

GK - Leão - Comercial-Ribeirao Preto, Palmeiras, Vasco da Gama, Gremio, Corinthians, Sport Recife

DF - Piazza - Renasença, Cruzeiro

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  1. Hello I am Brazilian and I live in Brasilia, the capital. 'In the decade of 1990 there began a large output of Brazilian players to Europe because of higher salaries, but today there is not much will come out of these players out of Brazil, because they go and disappear on small and average clubs in Europe so that they are not recognized here in the country and therefore not reaching the national team, which is undoubtedly the biggest showcase of the world. The Brazilian Championship is the world's hardest, so if you show so many superstars as well. Barcelona, Real Madrid, AC Milan, Internazionale, Manchester United and others surely would not be so successful if they throw the Brazilian league. Brazil is today the strongest economy in Latin America and attracts players from Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and other South American, former rivals.