Thursday, November 13, 2008

Landon Donovan - Bayern Munich Practice Video

I was reading about Landon Donovan at Bayern Munich on Soccer By Ives this morning and in the comments there were a couple of excellent links to High Quality (and long) videos of LD practicing with Toni, Ribery, and company. I thought I'd share the links here since I found them quite entertaining.

Link 1
Link 2

Good find Jamie Z. (SBI commenter)


  1. Nice vids!!! He didn't look out of place...which I guess is a positive. I hope he does he is the best we yanks have!

  2. Thanks noffke,

    I agree, he displayed quick touches, accurate passing, etc.. He looks like he fits in skill-level wise.

    I also hope LD does well no matter where he ends up. I personally have never understood all the hate he receives from US fans when he is clearly one of, if not the best US player ever.


  3. Thanks for the links. The fans aren't down on Landon, it's the press. They're the ones disrespecting him and calling him 'Landy-cakes'. Last time I saw him I told him we're behind him 100% no matter what the press says.

  4. I hated on him, but not anymore. He is better than the MLS, yet until now never really tried to prove it.