Friday, November 28, 2008

Video: How Not to Do a Flip Throw-In

Here's a few examples of what happens when the flip throw-in doesn't quite work to plan.


  1. Re: the first video:

    Serves the kid right. Supposed to be three yards away.

  2. Although USSF and NFHS allow "flip" throw-ins, these videos are classic examples of why savvy referees should consider it unsafe and unsporting behavior. It's not in the spirit of the game. It's dangerous to the thrower and sometimes other players, especially since the thrower can't realistically see the field of play at the moment of release. And in the case of USSF and FIFA it contradicts their statements that throw-ins can't be done in a sitting or squatting position. Every flip throw-in I've ever seen results in the ball being released while the player is in a squatting position.

  3. Attached is the link to the FIFA rules. Please point out where it states that a throw in cannot be done in a sitting or squatting position.