Monday, November 3, 2008

08/09 Premiership Tallest and Shortest Players

These are the tallest and shortest players playing in the premiership this season. I put the list together from the official premier league site, but upon double checking with the official club sites found many of the heights to be different. In the end I used the heights listed at the individual club pages when there was a discrepancy.

2.01m = 6ft7in
1.65m = 5ft5in

2.01m -- Peter Crouch - Portsmouth
1.98m -- Zat Knight - Aston Villa
1.97m -- Pascal Zuberbuhler - Fulham
1.96m -- Marton Fulop - Sunderland
1.96m -- Petr Cech - Chelsea
1.96m -- Matt Duke - Hull City
1.96m -- Anthony Gardner - Hull City
1.96m -- Kanu - Portsmouth
1.96m -- Carlo Nash - Everton
1.96m -- Thomas Sorensen - Stoke City
1.96m -- Stuart Taylor - Aston Villa
1.96m -- David Wheater - Middlesbrough

1.65m -- Aaron Lennon - Tottenham
1.66m -- Shaun Wright-Phillips - Manchester City
1.68m -- Miroslav Stoch - Chelsea
1.69m -- Carlos Tevez - Manchester United
1.69m -- Jermain Defoe - Portsmouth
1.69m -- David Di Michele - West Ham United

Peter Crouch is listed at 1.98m at the official premier league site, but at every other site I checked, included Portsmouth FC's site, he is listed at 2.01m.

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  1. Showumbi from Leeds in also 196, same with Naldo on Werder Bremen

  2. Jay Spearing?? Barry Bannan??

  3. tevez good wright