Wednesday, April 23, 2008

World Soccer League Schedule Chart

A chart showing the times of the year that various world soccer leagues take place.

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I'm glad MLS takes place through the summer, although from reading message forums many MLS fans seem to disagree. It allows for a year round club soccer fix, and in the US it doesn't compete with as many sports as it would in the Fall and Winter. I just wish they'd take a couple of weeks off during the big international tournaments in mid-summer.

I had to throw in the old school video game reference when I saw what the chart looked like. What was the name of that game again?


  1. I believe you're thinking of either Breakout or Arkanoid.

  2. I must have been thinking of Breakout since Arkanoid came out in 1986 and by then I'd moved on to high-tech NES games like Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros. Now I'm going to have to dig my Atari 2600 out of the attic.