Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Who will be in the Premiership next year?

These are the remaining fixtures for the clubs fighting relegation in the Premiership and the teams looking for promotion from the Championship.

Can Fulham make a miracle escape?

In the Championship, It looks like West Brom has sewn up an automatic promotion with a large lead in goal differential and only one game left. Hull and Stoke are battling it out for the other automatic promotion spot while Bristol City has earned one of the playoff spots. The other five clubs on the list are shooting for the two remaining playoff spots.

-- Premiership --

Wigan Athletic 37 pts -17 GD
Away to Aston Villa (6) LWWWD
Home to Man United (1) WDWDL

Middlesbrough 36 pts -19 GD
Home Portsmouth (7) WWDLL
Home Manchester City (9) LLWWL

Bolton 33 pts -20 GD
Home Sunderland (13) WWLLW
Away Chelsea (2) WWDWW

Reading 33 pts -28 GD
Home Tottenham (11) LDDDD
Away Derby (20) LDLLL

Birmingham City 32 pts -17 GD
Away Fulham (19) DLWLW
Home Blackburn (8) DDLDW

Fulham 30 pts -25 GD
Home Birmingham (18) WLDLD
Away Portsmouth (7) WWDLL

Derby County Relegated

-- Championship --
1 and 2 Automatic Promotion
3 through 6 enter Playoffs

West Brom 78 pts 31 GD
Away QPR (14) DDDWL

Stoke 78 pts 14 GD
Home Leicester (21) WLDWL

Hull 75 pts 19 GD
Away Ipswich (8) LDWDD

Bristol City 71 pts -2 GD
Home Preston (15) WDLDD

Watford 69 pts 6 GD
Away Blackpool (18) DLLWL

Crystal Palace 68 pts 11 GD
Home Burnley (11) WLLWD

Wolverhampton 67 pts 4 GD
Home Plymouth (10) LLDDW

Ipswich 66 pts 8 GD
Home Hull (3) WDWLW

Sheffield United 66 pts 6 GD
Away Southampton (22) LWDLD


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  1. Surely Watford. Our hero Heidar Helgusons is in the thick of things again. Been a brilliant weekend. Not been to a game for about two years as I live in Scotland but me and two mates traveled down and thankfully were not disappointed (far from it). A 3-0 win against Scunthorp is no easy task but we made it look easy at times at Vicarage road. I could name 5 or 6 players who played out of there skin. The after party was even better. Stayed at one of the Village hotels in elstree. How we managed to find our way back to the hotel I have no idea. Hopefully be back down for a game after new-year.