Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Interesting Soccer Club Names from Around the World

These are some of the more interesting, unfortunate, and amusing club soccer team names from around the world. All of the clubs listed play in the highest professional division in their respective countries.

Club Name Nation
Thailand Tobacco Monopoly Thailand
Motor Action Zimbabwe
Green Buffaloes Zambia
Joe Public Trinidad and Tobago
Toto African Tanzania
Young Boys Switzerland
Eleven Men in Flight Swaziland
Robin Hood Suriname
Wikki Tourists Nigeria
Semen Padang Indonesia
Ranipokhari Corner Team Nepal
MyTEAM Malaysia
Big Bullets Malawi
Maseru Naughty Boys Lesotho
World Hope Kenya
Churchill Brothers India
Sunshine Stars Nigeria
Hard Rock Grenada
King Faisal Babes Ghana
Steve Biko Gambia
Ethiopian Coffee Ethiopia
Revolutionary Conquerors Belize
Khan Research Laboratories Pakistan
Eagle Beaks Malawi

I think MLS in Seattle really missed out, they could have been the Seattle Naughty Boys.

Just in case you didn't know, Young Boys in Switzerland play their home games at the Wankdorf.

I wonder if the band TOTO is a fan of the Tanzanian Premier League.

The club from Indonesia unfortunately loses the "Padang" on the official FIFA website.

Khan Research Laboratories [KRL], is Pakistan's main nuclear weapons laboratory as well as an emerging center for long-range missile development. Oh, and it's an interesting name for a soccer club too.

Feel free to pass along any other fun club names you've heard in the comments.

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