Monday, April 28, 2008

Top Five Soccer Commercials

If you've watched a lot of the past World Cups on TV, you probably also catch the soccer related commercials that they play over and over again between the games. I'm not sure how much airtime these got outside of the USA (especially the second one), but these are some of the best soccer commercials I can remember dating back to USA '94. The commercials start and end with a couple of classic Brazil team commercials. Ah, the memories.

As long as I'm on the topic of commercials, I was reading the entertaining soccer (and news, music, clothing, etc.) blog "The Original Winger" and saw this new Nike commercial. Pretty cool.


  1. How can you make this list and leave off 2 of the greatest Nike commercials ever made...

    -Humans vs. Ninjas (or whatever they are)
    -Humans vs. Demons (Roman Coliseum)

  2. Update: Actual names of commercials are...

    -Good vs. Evil
    -The Mission

  3. Great article! Check out the list that i made. My favourite soccer commercials of all time:

    I know you'll enjoy it :)