Thursday, May 1, 2008

Famous Fans of English Soccer - Musicians

I spent some time the other day at The Famous Football Supporters Page and picked out a list of some well-known musicians that are fans of soccer clubs in England.

Roger Daltrey - The Who
Johnny Rotten - Sex Pistols

Aston Villa
Ozzy Osbourne

Birmingham City

Bryan Adams
Damon Albarn - Blur and Gorillaz
Leonard Cohen
Paul Oakenfold - DJ
Jimmy Page - Led Zeppelin

Ian Astbury - The Cult
Ian Ball - Gomez
Sir Paul McCartney

Elvis Costello
Joss Stone
Dr Dre

Manchester City
Ryan Adams
Liam and Noel Gallagher - Oasis
Noel's take on the current Sven situation.
Rick Wakeman - Yes

Manchester United
Ian Brown - Stone Roses
David Gray - Interview about the club
Thom Yorke - Radiohead

Brian Johnson - AC/DC

Tim Rice
Neil Tennant - Pet Shop Boys

Phil Collins
Shania Twain
The Late Bob Marley

West Ham United
Billy Bragg
Keith Flint - Prodigy
Steve Harris - Iron Maiden

Elton John

Keeping with the famous fan theme, The Original Winger found some footage of Snoop Dogg on stage with Thierry Henry.

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