Wednesday, July 30, 2008

American Soccer Players in Europe - Interactive Map

This Yanks Abroad Map shows where all of the American exports are currently playing in Europe. I used the list they have over at the Yanks-Abroad website. I've only included players in the top two divisions in their respective countries.

I placed the icons at each players home stadium, just click on the player icons and the club and player names will appear. Zoom all the way in on an icon to see that players home stadium and it's surroundings.

It's somewhat easier to navigate if you click on "View Larger Map" and go to the google maps page. There is a list on the left column of the map with the clubs and players that you can use by zooming in to your desired level and clicking through the listed club names.

View Larger Map

If you have Google Earth, this will work with that as well. Just click the "view larger map" link above and then click "open in google earth" above the map on the google maps page. Then you can just hit play and it will zoom you around to all of the clubs in order.

[I finally got around to updating this map that was originally posted in March (thanks to Unprofessionalfoul for the link and the unintended reminder). I'm going to attempt to keep it up to date over the coming transfer weeks, if you notice anything that needs updating please let me know]


  1. Did you miss Szetela?

  2. I'm dying to know how long this took to put together.

    Cool map. I'm giving you a Daily Dose link later today from The Offside.

  3. I have Szetela at his loan club, Brescia in Italy, rather than Racing in Spain.

    Maybe a little more than an hour, google mymaps is pretty easy to use once you figure it out.

    Thanks a bunch for the link.

  4. Top work mate... Its far more interesting than watching them play!

  5. You missed Collin Burns at Ljungskille - Sweden

  6. Thanks, I just added Colin Burns.

  7. Michael Bradley transfered to Borussia Monchengladbach of the bundesliga and not in holland anymore

  8. Thanks,

    I haven't updated the map since July so some players may have moved since that time. I'll update Bradley for now and check over the rest later.

  9. Nice Job!

    You did overlook Joseph Lapira who plays for Norwegian Adeccoligaen side Nybergsund I.L.