Monday, July 21, 2008

MLS International Player's Personal Life Tidbits

There is quite a bit of interesting knowledge on the official MLSnet player pages, from career stats to personal life info. For this post, I've gone through the international players bios and picked out some of the most interesting non-soccer related tidbits from the "Personal" section at the bottom of most of the players pages.

Wilman Conde (CHI)
Learned a good portion of his English by playing video games.

Tomasz Frankowski (CHI)
Speaks fluent English, Polish, Spanish, and French and is involved in real estate in Poland.

Cuauhtemoc Blanco (CHI)
Has appeared as a contestant on Mexican television's "Bailando Por Un Bueno," a reality dance competition show and if he couldn't be a soccer player, would want to be a professional boxer

Andy Herron (CHI)
Recorded a reggae CD in Costa Rica titled "Playa Bonita" ("Beautiful Beach") and would like to sing professionally after soccer.

Francisco Mendoza (CHV)
"I used to play basketball in school but I didn't keep playing since I am very short."

Guillermo Barros Schelotto (CLB)
His father is a doctor.

Andy Iro (CLB)
When he is not playing soccer, he is hunting wild animals.

Dominic Oduro (DAL)
Besides English, also speaks the Ghana dialects of Twi, Ga, Nzema, and Fante.

Pablo Ricchetti (DAL)
The Argentinian's grandfather on his father's side was born in Italy, and Pablo became an Italian citizen at age 17.

Marcelo Saragosa (DAL)
Was also a competitive ping-pong player - one of the youngest members of the Santa Catarina state-team, earning 100 Reals for being part of the team

Juan Toja (DAL)
Is a fan of a variety of music, especially rock with his favorite performer being the Rolling Stones, the Doors, Led Zeppelin, and the Police

Dwayne De Rosario (HOU)
Eats Ital cuisine (only natural foods, vegetarian) and speaks Guyanese Creole while with his family

James Georgeff (HOU)
Speaks Macedonian fluently and if not playing soccer would be surfing.

Carlos Ruiz (LA)
Has had his dog 'Savage' since playing in Greece in 2000, obtaining him during a trip to Hungary.

Juan Pablo Angel (NY)
Was named one of People En Espanol's 10 Hottest Men in late Sept. 2007.

Dane Richards (NY)
Favorite restaurant is Applebees. (really!?)

Kenny Deuchar (RSL)
Lived just 10 miles away from new teammate Ian Joy when the two were growing up in Scotland.

Matias Mantilla (RSL)
An avid book reader, especially of Friedrich Nietzsche.

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