Friday, May 21, 2010

Oceania National Soccer Stadiums

American Samoa - Memorial Stadium

Cook Islands - BCI Stadium

Fiji - TFL Stadium

New Caledonia - Stade Numa Daly

New Zealand - Westpac Stadium

New Zealand - North Harbour Stadium

Papua New Guinea - Hubert Murray Stadium

Samoa - Toleafoa JS Blatter Soccer Stadium

Solomon Islands - Lawson Tama Stadium

Tahiti - Stade Pater Te Hono Nui

Tonga - Teufaiva

Vanuatu - Korman Stadium

Pictures From:
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  1. Any idea how old that Papua New Guinea photo is?

  2. Brian,

    I'm not 100% positive but I believe that picture is from the mid-1970's when Prince Charles visited Papua New Guinea for their Independence celebration (when Australian colonial rule ended).

  3. ice looking stadiums