Thursday, May 27, 2010

Final FIFA Rankings of World Cup 2010 Teams

The final FIFA rankings before the 2010 World Cup begins came out yesterday. This is a list of the national team rankings by group and the average FIFA ranking of each group. It'll be interesting to see how close the rankings come to predicting the final group positions.

GROUP A - 31.25
9 - France
16 - Uruguay
17 - Mexico
83 - South Africa

GROUP B - 22.00
7 - Argentina
13 - Greece
21 - Nigeria
47 - Korea Republic

GROUP C - 19.25
8 - England
14 - United States
25 - Slovenia
30 - Algeria

GROUP D - 18.25
6 - Germany
15 - Serbia
20 - Australia
32 - Ghana

GROUP E - 26.00
4 - Netherlands
19 - Cameroon
36 - Denmark
45 - Japan

GROUP F - 37.00
5 - Italy
31 - Paraguay
34 - Slovakia
78 - New Zealand

GROUP G - 34.00
1 - Brazil
3 - Portugal
27 - Cote d'Ivoire
105 - Korea DPR

GROUP H - 20.50
2 - Spain
18 - Chile
24 - Switzerland
38 - Honduras


  1. Odd that the "Group of Death" (Group G) averages out at 34, but Group C is almost half that (though I recognize how NK skews the data for Group G).

    Also odd that England's group averages out so low, but is generally considered to be quite the weak draw.

    Maybe all of this just shows how meaningless these Fifa rankings prove to be before such a tournament.

  2. funny how wrong yall are. how is F harder than G? look at it, italy, the best in group F is lower than the second best in group G. the only thing that could maybe, and i mean maybe, could give F an advantage is the fact that new zealand is worse than korea. but that doesn't even work, because the other 3 teams in group G are all better than F, so where is the basis behind group F? you're decision making is clearly flawed, and i respectfully disagree with your decisions, sir

  3. Who said anything about Group F? Also, who drew any conclusions? I was merely stating what is already plainly obvious from the data.

  4. I thought the same thing Brian.

    Group G makes more sense as the 'group of death' if you average only the top 3 teams (leaving out low ranked Korea DPR.) Here's the group averages using just the top 3 from each group.

    A 13.66
    B 13.66
    C 15.66
    D 13.66
    E 19.66
    F 23.33
    G 10.33
    H 14.66

    I'm not sure what it is you're saying. If you're speaking to me, I made no decisions, I just averaged the FIFA rankings of all the teams and typed out the data.

    Group F is surely the worst overall group and Group G is probably the 'group of death'

    I think it's possible you may have misinterpreted the data in some way.

  5. It's just hard to predict who'll win considering the fact that all of them are great teams and you can see it on their rankings.

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