Tuesday, May 4, 2010

If There was a Yugoslavia National Team...

I was thinking the other day about how many high quality players there are are from the former Yugoslavia (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Slovenia) I wonder how good they'd be if there was still a combined Yugoslavia national team? (Hint: good)

These are just a few of the top players that could be called upon. I do see one problem though. Who on earth would you play/sit in the midfield and forward positions? A manager would definitely have a few tough choices with this team.

Samir Handanovič (Slovenia; Udinese)
Stipe Pletikosa (Croatia; Spartak Moscow)

Josip Šimunić (Croatia; 1899 Hoffenheim)
Vedran Ćorluka (Croatia; Tottenham Hotspur)
Marko Baša (Montenegro; Lokomotiv Moscow)
Aleksandar Kolarov (Serbia; Lazio)
Nemanja Vidić (Serbia; Manchester United)
Neven Subotić (Serbia; Borussia Dortmund)
Branislav Ivanovic (Serbia; Chelsea)

Zvjezdan Misimović (Bosnia and Herzegovina; Wolfsburg)
Miralem Pjanić (Bosnia and Herzegovina; Lyon)
Luka Modrić (Croatia; Tottenham Hotspur)
Darijo Srna (Croatia; Shakhtar Donetsk)
Niko Kranjčar (Croatia; Tottenham Hotspur)
Simon Vukčević (Montenegro; Sporting CP)
Dejan Stanković (Serbia; Inter Milan)
Miloš Krasić (Serbia; CSKA Moscow)
Gojko Kačar (Serbia; Hertha BSC)

Edin Džeko (Bosnia and Herzegovina; Wolfsburg)
Zlatan Muslimović (Bosnia and Herzegovina; PAOK)
Vedad Ibišević (Bosnia and Herzegovina; 1899 Hoffenheim)
Eduardo (Croatia; Arsenal)
Ivica Olić (Croatia; Bayern Munich)
Mladen Petrić (Croatia; Hamburger SV)
Goran Pandev (Macedonia; Inter Milan)
Mirko Vučinić (Montenegro; Roma)
Nikola Žigić (Serbia; Valencia)
Marko Pantelić (Serbia; Ajax)
Milan Jovanović (Serbia; Standard Liege, signed by Liverpool)
Milivoje Novakovič (Slovenia; 1. FC Köln)

Two Notes:
1. No political statement here, just having some fun looking at the potential player pool.

2. I don't follow these national teams closely so it's possible I may have missed one or two deserving players but you get the idea. They would be GOOD.


  1. That is a fantastic team. Might drop Eduardo and add Jovetic from Montenegro (Fiorentina). Easily their best player, although Vucinic is no slouch).

    It just wouldn't be possible to pick the starting forwards. Drop Muslimovic into attacking midfield, and then pick names out of a hat from Petric, Olic, Dzeko, Ibesivic when healthy. Sorry Serbia.

  2. Pretty much a world class team, I'd love to see them play. Using this train of thought though, you could wonder what a British or French Empire team might have looked like and include most of the world, or what a Chinese team will look like in the future (hint: the entire world plus GM super-players), but who would they play against, the moon?

  3. Kieran-
    That is an incorrect train of thought because Yugoslavs (Serbs, Croatians, Slovenians, etc.) are basically brothers, (although if you ask one they wouldn't want to admit it) if not very similar that had a few minor differences in language(Serbians, croatians, montenegrians speak basically the same thing), religion(Catholicism, orthodox,), and nationalistic pride.

    1. Croatians and Serbians are not brothers.

  4. It would be some team, you forgot Senijad Ibricic, plays for Hajduk Split, is a Bosnian forward. Sejad Salihovic is another Bosnian midfielder playing for Hoffenheim, he starts for Bosnia as well I believe. If that team was ever together, that is probably the best team in the world. I've thought the same thing before too, well done.

  5. I'd line them up something like this.


    What a team...

  6. I remember seeing a video of the 1990 yugoslavia team in the world cup with prosinecki, suker , and boban?? i believe on the bench, and i think savicevic and stojkovic were on this team as well.....image if in france 1998 world cup croatia and what was left of yugoslvia were made into one team :) I think they may have been able to knock out france and brazil and taken the cup.....well i wish anyways

  7. Yes Yes what a team, what a people. One day united again as one of the best countries on earth. When those nationalists start running for their lives ordinary Yugoslav (Bosnian,Croatian,Macedonian,Montenegrin,Slovenian and Serbian)citizens will again rise and take their rightful place on the world stage. Napred Braca!

  8. tuzan sam tuzan sam :'(((((
    popisani fasisti... srusili su nam jugoslaviju :'(((((

    i ako umrem borit cu se za takvu drzavu... dje se svako voli i dje nema fasizma, i poserem se na religije jer su nam one dali tu mrznju!


  9. ............Dzeko............
    Kolarov............... Srna

  10. You forgot zlatan ibrahimovic Dario srna mihajlovic barbarez salihamidzic klasnic etc

  11. Ibrahimovic, Dzeko by far best players from Jugoslavia

  12. ibrahimovic is swedish

    1. True, but his heritage is half Croatian half Bosnian I believe. And perhaps his parents would not have immigrated to Sweden if there had not been a war and Yugoslavia was still a country

  13. Druze tito mi ti se kunemo!

  14. And this team is after the breakdown of the system that produced those amazing stars of the 90's; think Stojkovic, Savicevic, Suker, Boban, Mijatovic, Boksic, Prosinecki, Jugovic, Mihailovic, Bilic etc etc; what might that system have carried on producing? In my opinion Yugoslavia would have been THE football superpower; I also believe they were banned from Euro 92 because they would have won it which would have united the country and this was not on the agenda of the politico's in the west who wanted to break Yugoslavia apart.