Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Look-Alikes: TV's "Lost" with MLS and WPS Players

Note: This was originally posted on 4/24/09.

It's been a while since the last Look-Alike Post so I thought I'd get back to it with the TV show Lost as the theme this time around. I used past and present players from Major League Soccer and also from the Women's Professional Soccer league for the female characters.

Dwayne De Rosario (TOR) as Sayid

Brad Davis (HOU) as Benjamin Linus

Nico Hernandez (ex-COL) as Sawyer

Hong Myung-Bo (ex-LAG) as Jin

Kyle Martino (ex-CLB and LAG) as Jack Shephard

Lisa Stoia (St.L) as Kate Austen

Matt Reis (NE) as John Locke

Clyde Simms (DC) as Michael Dawson

Sigi Schmid (SEA Head Coach) as Others "Tom"

Duncan Oughton (CLB) as Desmond

Natalie Spilger (CHI) as Charlotte

Jack Jewsbury (KC) as Martin Keamy

Johanna Frisk (LA) as Claire

Stefani Miglioranzi (PHI) as 'Young' Charles Widmore

Matt Reis (NE) as Hurley's Imaginary Friend 'Dave'
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Bonus: Hurley - Diego Maradona

If you have MLS/WPS look-alike ideas for any of the other Lost characters that I couldn't find a suitable body double for (Mr. Eko, Faraday, Juliet, Boone, Charlie, Richard Alpert, etc...), let me know and I'll add them into the post.

Lost Soccer Notes:

The real name of the actor that plays Christian Shephard (Jack's Father) on the show is John Terry.

Rodrigo Santoro, who played Paolo on the show, participated in the UK's Soccer Aid which raised money for Unicef. He played alongside legends such as Alan Shearer and Luis Figo at Wembley Stadium.

"We dated for 6 years and the closest you ever came to a religious experience was Celtic winning the cup." said by Ruth to Desmond Hume

Young Mr Eko with a soccer ball


  1. You missed an oppportunity with Matt Reis - he looks much much more like 'Dave', Hurley's [imaginary] friend.

    I also think Wade Barrett make a good case for a Jack look alike too, aside from the burners.


  2. Good Suggestion Aljarov.

    I've added it to the post. I guess Reis gets to play two characters for now unless someone can suggest a suitable replacement for Locke (which I know was a stretch in the first place).


  3. How about Paolo and Josh Tudela?

  4. @ Anonymous 10:43,

    Paolo and Tudela definitely resemble each other but so far I haven't been able to find two pictures that match up very well. If I get some time I'll look a little more.

    Thanks for the suggestion.

  5. Simms looks way more like the son than the pops. Helps that he still looks like he's 12 anyway.

  6. I think Greg Sutton looks more like Martin Keamy.

  7. In one episode where in Said's flashback his father makes him to kill a chicken I think kids play football in the backyard