Tuesday, November 5, 2013

World Cup Qualifying Inter-Confederation Playoffs

Aggregate scores of World Cup Inter-Confederation Playoff games since 1986.


AFC 5th Place Play-off Winner v CONMEBOL 5th Place
Jordan v Uruguay (TBD)

CONCACAF 4th Place v OFC Winner
Mexico v New Zealand (TBD)


AFC 5th place v OFC winner
New Zealand 1-0 Bahrain

CONCACAF 4th Place v CONMEBOL 5th Place
Uruguay 2-1 Costa Rica


CONCACAF 4th Place v AFC 4th Round Winner
Trinidad and Tobago 2-1 Bahrain

CONMEBOL 5th Place vs OFC 3rd Round Winner
Australia 1-1 (4-2P) Uruguay


CONMEBOL 5th Place vs OFC winner
Uruguay 3-1 Australia

AFC Play-off Winner v UEFA vs UEFA Group 2 Runner-up
Republic of Ireland 2-1 Iran


AFC Play-off Loser v OFC Winner
Iran 3-3 Australia (Iran progessed on away goals)


CONCACAF runner-up v OFC Winner
Australia 3-3 (4-1P) Canada

CONMEBOL Group 1 Runner-up v OFC Winner
Argentina 2-1 Australia


CONMEBOL 3rd Place v OFC Winner
Colombia 1-0 Israel


UEFA Group 7 Runner-up v OFC Winner
Scotland 2-0 Australia

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