Monday, April 26, 2010

Still Active Players from the 1994 World Cup

A list of the players from the 1994 World Cup squads that are still playing professionally around the world.

Ariel Ortega - River Plate (Argentina)

Juan Manuel Peña - DC United (USA)
Jaime Moreno - DC United (USA)
Luis Cristaldo - Guabirá Montero (Bolivia)

Ronaldo - Corinthians (Brazil)
Viola - Brusque (Brazil.4th Division)

Rigobert Song - Trabzonspor (Turkey)

Faryd Mondragón - 1. FC Köln (Germany)

Jürgen Kohler - Alemannia Adendorf (Germany.9th Division)

Mustapha Hadji - CS Fola Esch (Luxembourg)

Edwin van der Sar - Manchester United (England)

Erik Mykland - Drammen FK (Norway.2nd Division)
Sigurd Rushfeldt - Tromsø IL (Norway)

Saudi Arabia
Mohamed Al-Deayea - Al-Hilal (Saudi Arabia)

South Korea
Lee Woon-Jae - Suwon Bluewings (S. Korea)

Teddy Lučić - Elfsborg (Sweden)

Side Note: I'm not 100% sure because I wasn't very thorough when checking this, but I believe Kasey Keller is the only player still playing from the 1990 World Cup squads. I'm sure a stat guru out there will correct me if I'm wrong on that...


  1. Great post Steve. Some real blasts from the past here. Can't believe Jurgen Kohler is still going.

  2. Thanks Tom.

    Funny you mention Kohler, I actually debated if I should include him or not. In truth, he retired in 2002. He coached for most of the decade and made his recent 2009 comeback in the 9th division of Germany.

    Technically, this means he has amateur player status and I can't find if he's actually made an appearance for the club.

    Despite all of that, I went ahead and included him.

  3. You're right about Kasey; he's the only one left after Austria's Michael Baur retired last year.

  4. Actually, Kohler was also on Germany's team in 1990

  5. You're right anon 2:23

    Kohler was on the 1990 West Germany squad.

    Now I really should have a closer look into Kohler's current status in the German 9th division. Is he still on the squad and playing? Does anyone know? I'm not 100% sure... I'll see what I can find out when I have a minute

  6. I should also mention that since the German 9th division is designated as amateur status, Mason's comment that Kasey Keller is the last remaining "professional" player would technically be correct.

  7. Perfect work,thnx.I'm from Turkey and Rigobert Song is not playing for Trabzonspor anymore but i don't know if he's playing for another club,i think he retired.

  8. Hi,
    How did you forget Brad Friedel, the US goal keeper (first choice substitute after Tony Meola in that WC). He is probably the last player still active in professional league and on a high level(Totenham Hotspur).

  9. Mondragon still going in 2014 world cup....