Thursday, April 29, 2010

Videos: CONCACAF Nations with One World Cup Appearance

A few highlights from the CONCACAF nations who've made just one all-time World Cup appearance. I especially enjoyed the Haiti 1974 video, very entertaining stuff and a good result for Haiti (with some great saves by the Haitian keeper).

Haiti 1974

Honduras 1982

Canada 1986

Jamaica 1998

Trinidad and Tobago 2006

Cuba also made one World Cup appearance (1938) but I wasn't able to find any footage of them to include.

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  1. Haiti is a total mess right now... well, even more than usual
    AND STILL they will have a soccer league.
    Our lazy bastard neighbours to the north have 40 million people (and almost double the amount of soccer registrations than hockey) and yet they have no intention of having a soccer league.
    Considering that Iceland (pop. 300,000) has their own league, I think we can safely say that cold isnt a problem.

    I hope that FIFA decides to eventually tell them "you want a national team? get a league going." and canadians should demand the same. They will never make it out of Concacaf otherwise. They are the definition of banana republic when it comes to soccer.