Saturday, April 10, 2010

$100,000,000 World Cup Challenge


$100 Million Prize - An incredible $100,000,000 prize is on offer to whoever correctly guesses the 64 match results of this summer's 2010 World Cup games in South Africa.

Bonus Prizes - Dozens of exciting Million Mania prizes will be awarded to participating contestants.

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  1. There are 59 games (I believe) in the NCAA basketball tournament, for which there are something like 9 quintillion possible outcomes. No one has ever picked them all correctly on the free ESPN challenge, so I'm guessing that the $100 million World Cup pot is safe.

  2. You're probably right, I'd be very surprised to see somebody get the $100 million. You never know though, there's a slim chance for someone out there.

    The best player still gets $1 million and there's bonus prizes available so IMO it's worth a shot.

    It would be great to see a TB11 reader win the big prize. (I should mention that if you click through my banner, sign up, and win, I get a small % of the winnings, so pick well loyal readers :)

  3. Read carefully, even if you did win the money goes into a betting account and you're only allowed to withdraw $2.5M per annum, which would take 40 years. In the case the more than one persons wins, this amount is split between the total number of winners.

    Additionally, if you get close, and get the cool $1M, this will also be split amoungst the total winners, and has a withdraw limit of $20000 PA also split between all the winners.