Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Videos: Rapping Soccer Players

It's pretty well known that Fulham's Clint Dempsey has an interest in rap music. He made the "Don't Tread on This" video for NikeSoccer a while back but in a recent post match interview mentioned that he's retired from the rap scene.

Clint isn't the only player to try his hand at rapping. Legendary players including; Andy Cole, Gazza, John Barnes, Chris Waddle, and Youri Djorkaeff, have (hilariously) attempted to break into the music scene, some with more success than others. I particularly enjoyed the Peter Gabriel-esque Chris Waddle French accent Afro-Pop-Rap video. Here is some 'most excellent' video evidence of all of their "skills"

Andy Cole "Outstanding"

Paul Gascoigne "Fog On The Tyne"

John Barnes "World in Motion"

Clint Dempsey "Don't Tread On This"

Chris Waddle "We've Got A Feeling"

Youri Djorkaeff "Vivre Dans ta Lumière"

Bonus Video: Liverpool FC "Anfield Rap"

Ryan Babel aka RIO "Eeyeeyo" Babel at around the 2:00 minute mark
Added Thanks to commenter 'Sierra'


  1. how could you forget about the awesomeness that is Liverpool's Ryan Babel (aka Rio) and his dutch rap?!

    Check out:
    (Babel starts rapping at 2:00)


  2. I didn't forget about Babel, I actually had no idea of his dutch awesomeness at the mic. Thanks for the links, I'll throw the first one up.

  3. I humbly submit the rap stylings of Schalke and Germany defender Christian Pander (aka "Funky Pee").