Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kevin Keegan Video Collection

Kevin Keegan is an interesting guy. He was European Footballer of the Year twice, a Pop Star, a Bad Perm Pioneer, a Public Servant, a Moderately successful manager, and he was/is always good for an interesting quote or rant. This video collection shows the many sides of Keegan, from a young, seemingly nervous man in the first video to the famous "I would love it if we beat them" rant in the last video.

From BBC:
And who can forget Kevin Keegan falling off a bike at high speed?

The then-England international footballer was competing in European Superstars in Bracknell in 1976 when he fell of his bike in the cycling round.

Despite suffering severe skin cuts and abrasions, Keegan insisted on racing again and qualified for the final thanks to a second-place finish.

Keegan's astonishing demonstration of courage was complete when he won the final steeplechase event to win the programme.

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