Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Soccer - Football - Futbol

I was reading a post at Big Soccer the other day and for the umpteenth time someone chimed in with the, it's "football" not "soccer" argument (they also threw in a pro/rel in America because MLS is not "European" enough, but back to the point).

Here is a list of alternate names for "football" that are regularly used all over the world. In fact the combined populations of the nations that use the term soccer is well over a half a billion (632,655,865).

Nations that use the term "Soccer"

American Samoa
Cook Islands
Japan (sakka)
Marshall Islands
New Zealand
Papua New Guinea
Puerto Rico
Republic of Ireland
Solomon Islands
South Africa (disputed)
US Virgin Islands

Foreign Words used for Football/Soccer

Afrikaans - sokker
Arabic - kurat al-qadam
Chinese - zúqiú or juk kau
Czech - kopaná
Finnish - jalkapailo
Georgian - pekhburti
Greek - podosfero
Hebrew - kaduregel
Hungary - foci
Italy - calcio
Korea - chukgu
Serbian, Croation, Slovenian - nogomet
Slovak - fucik
Poland - piłka nożna
Vietnamese - bóng đá
Welsh - pel-droed

Many countries use a variation on the word football, ie. Dutch - Voetbal, German - Fußball, etc..

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