Sunday, October 26, 2008

Current Soccer Players with US President Names

The US election day is coming up and I don't know about everyone else but I'm ready for it to be over. At least seeing all the election commercials and internet stories gave me a marginally interesting idea for a "fun" soccer related post. Players with US president names, yay!

These are all players that have the same name as a former US president. I pulled the names from which is an interesting site, but I'm guessing somewhat out of date due to the vast size of their database. Because of that, I'd guess that a few of these players aren't actually playing at the clubs listed anymore, but honestly I don't have time to double check today (it's my daughter's 3rd birthday). Feel free to help me out if you see any mistakes.

Washington - Happy Valley (Hong Kong), Fluminense (Brazil)

Lincoln - Galatasaray (Turkey)

Jefferson - Palmeiras (Brazil), São José (Brazil)

Jackson - Porto Alegre (Brazil)

Harrison - Figueirense (Brazil)

Arthur - Fluminense (Brazil), Internacional (Brazil)

Wilson - Figueirense (Brazil), Santos (Brazil)

Here are some that are very close to the full names of Former US Presidents:

John Kennedy - Celtic, Blackburn, Buron, Karlsruhe
Andy Johnson - Everton, Barnsley, Swindon
Andrew Johnson - Blyth
Andy Jackson - St. Johnstone
Jon Adams - AFC Telford

And a couple of shared names with the current candidates.

McCain, Stephen - Glenavon (Northern Ireland)
Obama - Murcia (Spain)

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