Friday, June 18, 2010

Videos: The Last 10 World Cup Hat Tricks

The last 10 World Cup Hat Tricks prior to Gonzalo Higuain's 3 goals against South Korea in 2010.

Gary Lineker - England v Poland 1986

Igor Belanov - USSR v Belgium 1986

Emilio Butragueño - Spain v Denmark 1986

Michel - Spain v South Korea 1990

Tomáš Skuhravý - Czechoslovakia v Costa Rica 1990

Gabriel Batistuta - Argentina v Greece 1994

Oleg Salenko (5) - Russia v Cameroon 1994

Gabriel Batistuta - Argentina v Jamaica 1998

Miroslav Klose - Germany v Saudi Arabia 2002

Pauleta - Portugal v Poland 2002

The only hat trick scored in a World Cup Final

Geoff Hurst - England v West Germany 1966


  1. Interesting to see that the fans are waving Union flags, not England ones (with just the St. George cross) like you see at all the current matches. Great stuff!

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