Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Video Game Soccer Shirt Sponsors

A list of video game sponsored soccer shirts.

2009 Seattle Sounders "XBOX 360" Shirt

Paris Saint Germain "Commodore" Shirt

1999 Home Manchester City "Eidos" Shirt

Kyoto Sanga "Nintendo" Japanese Shirt

2000-01 Away Saint Etienne Dreamcast Shirt

1991 Chelsea Home "Commodore" Shirt

2005-06 Auxerre "Playstation" Shirt

1999 Arsenal Away "Sega" Shirt

2000 Arsenal Home "Dreamcast" Shirt

Fiorentina "Nintendo" Shirt

1988 Home Bayern Munich "Commodore" Shirt

Tokyo Verdy "Konami" Shirt

1994 JEF United "Sega/Sonic the Hedgehog" Shirt

1999 Sampdoria "Dreamcast" Shirt

09/10 Swindon Town "FIFA 10" Shirt

2000 Deportivo La Coruña "Dreamcast" Shirt

2008 Lazio "PES 2009" Shirt

Feel free to inform me of any video game shirts I may have missed.

Pictures from:
Classic Football Shirts UK
Flickr J.League500 (Sunnie) (Great pictures of J-League Shirts)
Fiorentina Shirt
Auxerre Shirt
Deportivo La Coruna

Originally posted: 10/1/08
UPDATED: 1/8/10

UPDATED: 9/1/10

For those that didn't have or aren't old enough to remember Commodore, here is a list of games for the C64.


  1. 1994 JEF United had sonic the hedgehog and sega on the front.

  2. Funny you mention that shirt, I just saw it listed on ebay this morning but couldn't find a good picture to use of the shirt. When I find one I'll add it to the list.

    Thanks for the comment


    I found this picture of Jef United's Sega sponsership, but it's from 1995 so hasn't got Sonic the Hedgehog on it. Hope that helps!

    P.S. I remember the C64, but I had a Sinclair Spectrum 48k ;~)

  4. I retract that last comment, here's a picture of the Sonic shirt!

  5. I appreciate the help Dingwall.

    I've added the 'Sonic' shirt to the list.

  6. You should add Sampdoria jersey with the dreamcast sponsor

  7. Thanks Kevsss,

    I added the Sampdoria shirt and a couple of other new shirts.


  9. Those jerseys look very awesome, I would sure want one of those. Thank you for sharing them.