Monday, October 18, 2010

Map: Chinese National Team Birthplaces

I don't really remember why but I randomly became curious about the Chinese National Team the other day. One of the things I wondered was if the Chinese players were born all over such a large country or in a more concentrated area near the large cities.

All of the China PR players are unsurprisingly from the eastern part of China, but I was surprised that nearly half of the 51 players called up in the last year were born in just three cities: Dalian (11), Tianjin (8), and Wuhan (5). I was expecting more Beijing (4) and Shanghai (4) born players and a bigger variety of cities in general.

This map shows the birthplaces of the 51 players called up to the China PR National Team in the last year.

View Chinese National Team Birthplace Map in a larger map

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