Thursday, October 21, 2010

Videos: Soccer Video Game Evolution since 1980

Gameplay footage of a few of my favorite soccer video games from the past three decades.  It's always a debate, but for a very long time I was a ISS/PES/Winning Eleven player.  In the last 2 years I've switched to the EA FIFA games.  I really enjoyed the gameplay of FIFA 10 and the EA 2010 World Cup game but I'm not a fan of FIFA 11 so this might be the year I go back to WE.   Ah Choices....  Anybody have an absolute favorite that I didn't list?

Starting things off...
An amazing Intellivision Commercial featuring the 'Incredible Realism' of Intellivision Soccer (1980)

Atari Soccer (1980)

NES Soccer (1985)

Sensible Soccer - Amiga (1992)

International Superstar Soccer '98 - Nintendo 64 (1998)

PES 5 / Winning Eleven 9 - PS2 (2005)

2010 FIFA World Cup - PS3/Xbox360 (2010)

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