Friday, July 3, 2009

Tv Schedule: 2009 Gold Cup Knockout Stage


QTR July 18 Group A-1 v Group B-2 * 5 pm ET TeleFutura
QTR July 18 Group B-1 v Group A/C-3 * 8 pm ET TeleFutura
QTR July 19 Group C-1 v Group A/B-3 * 4 pm ET Univision
QTR July 19 Group C-2 v Group A-2* 7 pm ET Univision
SEM July 23 Philadephia QTR Winners * 7 pm ET TeleFutura
SEM July 23 Dallas QTR Winners * 10 pm ET TeleFutura
Final July 26 Semifinal Winners 3 pm ET Univision

* Order of matches
within same venue
could be switched.

Group Stage Schedule

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