Wednesday, December 17, 2008

USA v Mexico Video - Feb 28, 2001

US Soccer has announced that the Feb 11, 2008, USA vs. Mexico World Cup qualifier will be played in Columbus, Ohio at Crew Stadium. If you need a a few good reasons why, here is a throwback video of a classic wcq "border rivarly" game in that venue from 2001.

"We come to you live from the most partisan arena the US has. A chilly reception greets regional dynasty Mexico at sold out Crew Stadium in Columbus, Ohio."

About McBride's Injury...
"That looks like a scene out of Rocky, that is unbelievable."

"...Marquez, hacked hard by Armas in midfield..."

"....Campos, who loves to come off his line and make the dramatic play, ends up getting beaten by the speed of Josh Wolff....."


"...The temperature has dipped down all the way to 20 degrees, it has been a most uncomfortable second half for Mexico..."

"Josh Wolff is a star in the making......"

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