Monday, December 29, 2008

African Players with 100+ Caps

These are the players from Africa that have been capped 100+ times in their international careers. As you can see, outside of Egypt, there are very few players who have reached the century milestone from Africa.

169 - Hossam Hassan (Egypt)
149 - Ahmed Hassan (Egypt)
125 - Ibrahim Hassan (Egypt)
124 - Hany Ramzy (Egypt)
124 - Rigobert Song (Cameroon)
115 - Noureddine Naybet (Morocco)
110 - Nader El-Sayed (Egypt)
107 - Abdel Zaher El-Saqua (Egypt)
102 - Geremi (Cameroon)

99 - Henri Camara (Senegal)

If you were wondering, yes, Hossam and Ibrahim are twin brothers and two of the most accomplished Egyptian players of all time. Here is an interesting article about the Egyptian Football Gene.

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