Sunday, December 7, 2008

One Appearance Nations: World Cup Results

These are the results of nations that have made it to the World Cup only one time. So far, no country has made it past the Quarterfinals in their only visit to the big time. The only nations to win the entire thing on the first try were Uruguay in 1930 and Italy in 1934. (Those countries obviously went on to make multiple appearances). In recent times, Turkey has made the most of limited appearances by finishing 3rd in only their second appearance in 2002. As you can see, a majority of the one appearance teams have crashed out in the first round.

Some of these nations have managed to make their mark in their one appearance in the tournament though. Senegal defeating France in 2002 and Korea DPR over Italy in 1966 are some of the most famous World Cup victories in the history of the tournament.

Cuba (1938)
East Germany (1974)
Korea DPR (1966)
Senegal (2002)
Ukraine (2006)
Wales (1958)

Round 2
Ghana (2006)

Round 1
Angola (2006)
Canada (1986)
China (2002)
Congo DR (1974)
Cote d'Ivoire (2006)
Greece (1994)
Haiti (1974)
Honduras (1982)
Indonesia (1938)
Iraq (1986)
Israel (1970)
Jamaica (1998)
Kuwait (1982)
New Zealand (1982)
Slovenia (2002)
Togo (2006)
Trinidad and Tobago (2006)
United Arab Emirates (1990)

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  1. West Germany also won it in their first attempt in 1954.