Sunday, June 1, 2008

3 months as a Blogger: People to Thank

I'm out of town for the weekend so I scheduled this post to appear on Sunday morning. I hope it works!

I've been working on the site for just over three months now and there have been quite a few people who've really helped out in that time that I'd like to thank. I went from wondering if I could get 10 hits in a day three months ago to receiving a decent stream of daily traffic today, and the helpful people on this list have a lot to do with that.

Bill Archer from Big Soccer
Bruce from duNord
Beau Dure from The Netminder: USA Today
Daryl and Laurie from The Offside daily dose
SF from The Offside Rules
The Mind of Scads
mizzouligan82 from Oz City Soccer
Chris Sudlow from The Bolton News
AG from Kansas City Soccer Review
Everyone else who has linked to the site via direct link or blogroll.

These are all really great sites and I am very thankful for the links they've sent my way. Please help me return the favor and check out some of the links in the list.

Thanks also goes to the readers of the blog. It's an exciting thing to see people stop by regularly to check out what my slightly warped mind comes up with. Your readership is very much appreciated.

And just because I like it (It's kind of soccer related, the song is called "Vapor" like the Nike boots), here's a great live music video from one of my favorite groups, Soulive:


  1. Don't know what I did but glad to help. Keep it up.


  2. Way back when my blog was just a wee little newborn baby, you linked to my MLS look-a-like post, eventually sending millions of cultured soccer aficionados my way. (OK, maybe not millions, but it was very helpful none-the-less).

    And that, in short, is why The Offside Rules made my little thank you list. Oh yea, and also because you have one of the most entertaining soccer blogs in 'puter land.