Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Short Goalkeepers

A list of Goalkeepers shorter than 6 feet in the top level leagues of England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United States.

5' 11½"
Uwe Gospodarek (Hannover 96; Germany)

Marcus Hahnemann (Wolverhampton Wanderers; England)

Geoffrey Jourdren (Montpellier; France)
Grégory Coupet (PSG; France)

Júlio Sérgio (Roma; Italy)
Gianluca Pegolo (Siena; Italy)

Iker Casillas (Real Madrid; Spain)
Javi Varas (Sevilla; Spain)
Manu (Deportivo La Coruña; Spain)
Javi Ruiz (Espanyol; Spain)
Toño (Racing Santander; Spain)
Roberto (Osasuna; Spain)
Sergio Aragoneses (Tenerife; Spain)

5' 11"
Jason Brown (Blackburn Rovers; England)
James Walker (Tottenham Hotspur; England)

Jean-François Bedenik (US Boulogne; France)

Roberto Colombo (Bologna; Italy)

Armando (Athletic Bilbao; Spain)
Justo Villar (Valladolid; Spain)

5' 10½"
Esteban (Almeria; Spain)

5' 10"
Sebastian Mielitz (Werder Bremen; Germany)

Johan Lapeyre (Nancy; France)

Jon Busch (Chicago Fire; USA)
Nick Rimando (Real Salt Lake; USA)

5' 9½"
Willy Grondin (PSG; France)
Jérémie Janot (Saint-Etienne; France)


  1. Are there no keepers under 5' 9½"?

  2. Hussain Al Hadad 168cm (5'7 I think)

  3. Hussain Al Hadad is not in a top league

  4. no love for Jorge Campos (5'6")?

    1. Yess ! He was even a mid or a striker

    2. " TITO ALVES " .
      Mozambican Born .
      « 1,70 m = 5 ft 7ins » He could get up in the air like no other , extremly agile .
      Played for :
      Lusitano F Club of Joannesburg , South-African Champions and Boksburg F Club of Joannesburg of South Africa .
      + CAPS ROVERS Rhodesia Zimbabwe in " 1977 Castle Cup Final " with team mate " SHAKY TAURO " amazing striker , " TITO ALVES " dethroned " BRUCE GROBBELAAR " from SALISBURY CALLIES F CLUB GOALS , the outstanding Goal Keeper that ocupied Liverpool F Club Goal's in England to the bench , wilhshest playing for Salisbury Callies F Club in Rhodesia , after Bruce had already played for the Rhodesian National Squad .
      TITO ALVES , The EXTREMELY AGILE GOAL KEEPER was chosen , within the 2 best Goal - Keeper's in 1974/1975 NFL SOCCER LEAGUE season . South Africa .

  5. Some players are wrong....Marcus H is 6'3 on other sources and Sebastian Mielitz is 6'2 on other sources.

  6. iker casillas is 185cm tall, so 6ft 1

    1. According to Real Madrid's website, he is 182 cm, or 5' 11½".

    2. no.. on their website it says 185, so 6ft 1

  7. Laurie Sivell who played 151 matches for Ipswich Town in the 1970s was 5ft 8inches (1m 73cm)


  8. Beto in Sevilla 180 cm, but its hard to know cause many players add some extra inches especially goalkeepers if you see on team photos they always stand on the tows.

  9. Senzo Meyiwa Orlando Pirates 1st choice keeper is 1,75 m tall about 5ft9 http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Senzo_Meyiwa

    And Bafana Nhlapho 1st choice goalkeeper of Mpumalanga Black aces. 1,69 m tall about 5ft6 http://www.google.com/search?client=ms-rim&hl=en&q=bafana%20nhlapho&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&channel=browser

  10. Why feet and inches? Why?? USA, there's a thing called metric system, use it!!

  11. My dad reckons I am to small to be a goalkeeper I 5ft8

  12. les green at derby in the 70s at 5 '8''

  13. Is height needed for a goalkeeper. i am a goalkeeper and my height and age is 4.8 foot and age 12. that is enough for a 12 year old goalkeeper