Sunday, January 10, 2010

Videos: Biggest World Cup Margins of Victory

These videos show the largest Margins of Victory in World Cup History. The first three are from the 1982, 1974, and 1954 World Cup Finals and have a record 9 goal margin of victory. The fourth video shows the somewhat ridiculous 31-0 Australia-American Samoa blowout from a WC qualifier in 2001. The last two videos are the biggest margins from the last two World Cups, with a 6 goal win by Argentina in 2006 and an 8 goal victory by Germany in 2002.

Hungary (10) vs El Salvador (1) - 1982 World Cup

Yugoslavia (9) vs Zaire (0) - 1974 World Cup

Hungary (9) vs Korea Republic (0) - 1954 World Cup*

Australia (31) vs American Samoa (0) - 2001 WC Qualifying Match

Argentina (6) vs Serbia and Montenegro (0) - 2006 World Cup

Germany (8) vs Saudi Arabia (0) - 2002 World Cup

*The video technically shows footage from the Turkey-Korea Republic game from 1954, but it's the only video I could find with a mention of the Hungary-Korea Republic game

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