Monday, September 1, 2008

Premiership: Wealthy Owners of 2008

With the news of Thaksin Shinawatra's sale of Manchester City to a United Arab Emirates business group, I wondered how many solitary uber-wealthy owners are currently left in the Premiership. Here is a list I came up with:

Aston Villa
Randy Lerner (Net Worth: $1.5 billion) - Inherited his fortune from his father, who had made billions of dollars in credit cards via MBNA. Also the owner of the Cleveland Browns (NFL)

Bolton Wanderers
Eddie Davies - (Net Worth: $162 million) - Made his fortune from the manufacture of controls and cordless interfaces for kettles, jugs, and water boiling appliances.

Roman Abramovich (Net Worth: $23.5 billion) - Obtained a large share of Russia's oil and aluminium assets

Mohamed Al-Fayed (Net Worth: $1 billion) - Owns Harrods and House of Fraser Department stores in England

Manchester United
Malcolm Glazer - (Net Worth: $2.5 billion) - Owns the Tampa Bay Bucaneers (NFL) and is president of First Allied Corporation, which makes most of it's money in the food processing industry

Steve Gibson - (Net Worth: $215 million) - Founder of Bulkhaul Limited, a company that globally transports bulk liquids, gasses, and powders.

Newcastle United
Mike Ashley - (Net Worth: $2.52 billion) - An English entrepeneur made his fortune in the retail sporting goods market.

Alexandre Gaydamak - (Net Worth: $180 million) - A member of a wealthy family, made fortune in properties and banking

Stoke City
Peter Coates - (Net Worth: $540 million) - Made his fortune with bet365, a British based gambling/gaming company and also in the catering industry.

West Ham United
Björgólfur Guðmundsson - (Net Worth: $1.98 billion) The owner and chairman of the second Largest company in Iceland, the bank Landsbanki. Also made fortunes in the Brewing industry, as well as the seafood and freight industries.

Wigan Athletic
Dave Whelan - (Net Worth: $360 million) - Made his fortune with JJB Sports, a large sports retailer in the UK.

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