Monday, September 5, 2011

Caribbean National Team Nicknames

Nicknames of the National Teams from the Caribbean region in CONCACAF.

Anguilla - The Soccer Dolphins

Antigua and Barbuda - The Wadadli Boyz

Aruba - La Selección

Bahamas - The Rake and Scrape Boys

Barbados - Bajan Pride

Bermuda - The Gombey Warriors

British Virgin Islands - The Nature Boyz

Cayman Islands - ???

Cuba - Los Leones del Caribe (“The Lions of the Caribbean”)

Curaçao - ???

Dominica - ???

Dominican Republic - Los Quisqueyanos (Quisqueyano is sometimes used to denote a person of Dominican descent)

Grenada - The Spice Boyz

Guadeloupe - Les Gwada Boys

Guyana - Golden Jaguars

Haiti - Les Grenadiers

Jamaica - The Reggae Boyz

Montserrat - The Emerald Boys

Puerto Rico - El Huracán Azul (The Blue Hurricane)

Saint Kitts and Nevis - The Sugar Boyz

Saint Lucia - The Piton

Saint Vincent & Grenadines - The Vincy Heat

Suriname - Suriboys

Trinidad and Tobago - The Soca Warriors

Turks and Caicos - ???

US Virgin Islands - The Dashing Eagle


  1. The Soccer Dolphins has to be my favorite nickname for a team ever.

  2. I love it when teams use "The Team" as a nickname.

    Nice site. Please feel free to visit mine at

    Note: Pics are coming very soon. It's been hard to find the time to take and upload over 200 pics.

  3. Cayman Islands = The Offshore Bank Boys?

    1. Cayman Islands: The Turtles

      Curaçao: e Seleskhon

      Dominica: los Pericos

      Turks & Caicos: the Ripsaw Boys