Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pictures: Stadiums of Norway

Stadiums in Norway with a capacity of 10,000 or more.

Viking Stadion - 16,300 - Viking FK

Ullevaal Stadion - 25,572 - Vålerenga

Telenor Arena - 15,000 - Stabæk

Sør Arena - 14,000 - IK Start

Skagerak Arena - 13,000 - Odd Grenland

Aker Stadion - 11,167 - Molde

Lerkendal Stadion - 21,166 - Rosenborg BK

Frederikstad Stadion - 12,500 - Frederikstad

Color Line Stadion - 10,733 - Aalesund

Brann Stadion - 17,317 - Brann

Bislett Stadion - 15,400 - Skeid - Photo by: Kjetil Ree

Åråsen Stadion - 12,500 - Lillestrøm
Photo: Marius Lauritsen


  1. Hello.

    I see you have used my photo of Åråsen Stadion taken from Wikipedia (

    The license on this images clearly states that you can use the image as long as you give attribution to the photographer. The photo should be marked with "Photo: Marius Lauritsen". Please update the page accordingly.

  2. Hello Marius.

    I apologize, I generally do my best to give credit to the photographs I post at this site.

    To be honest I thought that photos from Wikimedia Commons were free to be distributed without any attribution.

    Now that you've brought it to my attention, I've read more closely and realize that photo credit must be included on 'some rights reserved' photos.

    Again, I apologize, I've updated the page to include your name with the photo and in the future I'll be sure to credit all wikimedia photos.

    Thanks, Steve